Lovejoy Community Services, Inc.

Summer Explosion 2022 Application


Mission Statement

To provide supplemental and outreach services, youth programs, and training in the community




We are elated to announce the final 1st round 2020 Mini-Grant Recipient for the Rome Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth, Lovejoy Community Services, Inc., the not-for-profit affiliate of Lovejoy Missionary Baptist Church!

We are excited to continue our strong partnership with an organization that has for many years, held its summer explosion which provides educational enrichment classes for community youth! Since 1999, they have been partnering with various agencies to support education and family strengthening!

Congratulations Lovejoy Community Services, Inc.

LaDonna Collins


Lovejoy Community Services, Inc. Partnered with Sam's Club of Rome



Lovejoy Community Services Inc. received a grant from

the Christian Church Heritage Fund



Lovejoy Community Services Inc. will use its $3,000 grant from the Christian Church Heritage Fund to provide a robotics program for middle school students during their annual Summer Explosion Program.


*Lovejoy Community Services, Inc. Community Outreach Programs*


Summer Explosion Camp


Lovejoy Community Services has been hosting its Summer Explosion for quite some time now.  They saw a need to provide outreach services for youth in the community, based on community research data.  Scholarships were provided for all students to attend the program.  There has been a significant increase in the number of students attending the program each day since Summer Explosion began.  Youth are able to attend the program immediately following the end of the school year.  Since 2004, some 30,000 daily visits were made by youth to receive breakfast, lunch, and consistent learning, mentoring, and family support.   

Lovejoy Food  Pantry

             Our mission is to serve individuals, families, and seniors in the community by providing monthly food assistance. opens on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM. Individuals, who have emergency situations, may contact the church for assistance at any time during the month.

    Lovejoy Clothes Closet

Our mission is to serve individuals, families, and seniors in the community by providing monthly clothing assistance. Clothes Closet opens on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. Individuals, who have emergency situations, may contact the church for assistance at any time during the month

BackPack Buddies

Lovejoy Community Services, Inc. collaborates with the Backpack Buddies program. Backpack Buddies are grocery bags filled with enough food to get children through the weekend. During the school year, the bags are packed by volunteers at the pantry with two breakfasts, two lunches, two snacks, and two fruits and then taken to schools and discreetly placed in children’s backpacks to take home. Our partner school, Anna K. Davie Elementary School, currently has over 84 students participating.

Adoption of Anna K. Davie Elementary School


 Lovejoy Community Services, Inc. is uniquely poised to step into the gap for youth and the community. Together, we can create a positive solution by walking the path together and making the kind of difference that transforms a community.

Reverend J.L. Vaughn Tracking/Scholarship Program


         In order to encourage Lovejoy Baptist Church youth to pursue higher learning beyond high school, the Reverend J. L. Vaughn Tracking/Scholarship Ministry seeks to help our youth and their parents/guardians keep abreast of the required school curriculum, tests, and other criteria for admission to various colleges, technical schools, etc.  Further, we engage Lovejoy members and community partners in helping to provide scholarship funding through their donations for our young men and women as they matriculate at their various institutions of higher learning.  Most importantly, we encourage our students to excel in their studies, to expand their vision, including giving back to their communities, and to work hard to reach their full potential.

Esther S. Vaughn Fine Arts Scholarship Program