Reverend J. L. Vaughn Tracking/Scholarship Ministry

Director: Patresia Johnson


2018 Scholarships Awarded

Mission Statement

In order to encourage Lovejoy Baptist Church youth to pursue higher learning beyond high school, the Reverend J. L. Vaughn Tracking/Scholarship Ministry seeks to help our youth and their parents/guardians keep abreast of required school curriculum, tests and other criteria for admission to various colleges, technical schools, etc.  Further, we engage Lovejoy members and community partners in helping to provide scholarship funding through their donations for our young men and women as they matriculate at their various institutions of higher learning.  Most importantly, we encourage our students to excel in their studies, to expand their vision, to include giving back to their communities and to work hard to reach their full potential to the glory of God.


Applications for the Reverend J.L. Vaughn Tracking/Scholarship must be picked up from the church office, filled out completely, and returned to the church office by Thursday July 13th …. to pick up your application, please call the office between the hours of 11:00am and 1:00pm Tuesday thru Friday @ 706-232-1917

The Reverend J.L. Vaughn Tracking/Scholarship Committee will be Spotlighting Accomplishments of any of our Lovejoy members every third Sunday please contact Patresia Johnson, chairperson or any committee member…

  July 2020  
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